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Perhaps it’s the aroma of wood smoke that brings you back to crisp winters spent in front of the fire, or the scent of lemon that reminds you of hot nights under oceans of stars. People naturally – instinctively – react to smell. Scent is hardwired into our emotional cores, and brings us back to the people and places that mean the most to us.
Luvandus invites you to craft an aroma that will help you build new memories and recall those once forgotten.
Perfumer Tyler Monk will work with you to design a scent that radiates sophistication and style, while expressing your unique tastes. Together, he’ll guide you through the development, utilizing only professional-grade perfume molecules, the same used in renowned fragrances worldwide. Luvandus carries finely crafted classic and contemporary aromas such as oud, pink pepper, amber, vetiver, tonka bean, lily, bergamot and many more.
In the Sacramento area? Come to the lab and blend your own Signature Fragrance with Perfumer Tyler Monk. Please Contact us for bookings or feel free to browse our shop.