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Monk: Musk, Rose, Amber, Patchouli

Reverence and romance come together in Monk, the classic fragrance from LuVandus.  Monk wears clean and crisp, with musk and rose intermingling with elements of amber and patchouli to create a spiritual scent that will bring you to your knees. 

Also offered in Olive Oil lotion. 


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Review by Enchanté Fragrance & Lifestyle

Monk is a showy rose, crisp and bright. The opening smells like a lipstick-pink rambling rose, with its full rosette blooms and slightly apple-tinged fragrance. This is a rose from a Victorian garden painting, the kind that blooms profusely and puts on a display of sheer jubilance in both color and scent. The ebullient rose is anchored in a base of amber and musk, but the rose is definitely the star of the show. The fragrance of the rose reminds me of long-ago flower shows and country fairs, when people would bring fresh cuttings of their finest specimens for judging. This rose would have been someone’s pride and joy, the Belle of the Ball.

It is rare to smell a rose like this anymore. But, although the rose itself has a smell that says “they don’t make ’em like that anymore,” this is not an antique-feeling perfume. And although the rose demands your attention, it is never heavy or cloying. Monk is for rose-lovers, a perfect specimen presented in high-definition.